Connecting Mind, Body and Spirit

I offer small group and private yoga for kids, teens and adults. 

Private session are a wonderful opportunity to create a safe and therapeutic relationship. 

My intention as a yoga teacher is to create an environment that is safe, sacred, balanced and that will support and guide you towards non-judgmental compassionate awareness.

Yoga allows us to notice habitual patterns that hold us back in our lives. Through asana,(physical postures) pranayama (breath work) and guided meditation, we are able to shift our habits towards a deeper awareness and understanding of the true self. 

Kripalu based, Pranotthan yoga weaves in five koshas throughout the practice.  The koshas consist of the physical body, the breath or energy body, the mind or mental body, the witness conscious or observer and the bliss body

The methodology and practice is a valuable partnership with my role as a social worker and reiki practitioner. Each technique shares common threads and when intertwined, there is an opportunity for awareness, growth and transformation.

Small Group and Private opportunities

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