YOga for compassionate healing: Friday August 30th 1:00-2:30

Yoga For Everybody: Fairfield, CT

Yoga for compassionate healing uses yoga, movement, breath and sound to release pain and suffering and to reconnect back to love.

This practice combines many forms of yoga, movement, and breath techniques to help students process grief and use it as fuel for transformative healing. This practice is not as much about physical flexibility as it is about emotional liberation. Students become aware of the present moment and where they hold struggle or pain in the body and mind. This compassionate space helps express and release struggles through movement, breath and sound in exercises and flowing meditations. The intention is to open the heart and connect to the soul with dance prayers or laughter exercises that connect us to joy. In this way, students surrender in order to let go of pain and reconnect to love and the gift of life.” Paul Dennsiton, Founder of Grief Yoga


Sparkle inner joy retreat : Saturday 10/26

Releasing Struggle: Opening to Courage, Possibility and Love

Are you stuck in old stories and is fear holding you back in your life? Do you feel overwhelmed, anxious and stressed out? 

We have all experienced some type of struggle in life. Having your pain witnessed is one of the greatest medicines.  

Begin your summer in a transformative day of self-discovery- creating a compassionate and loving space to release struggle and open to courage, possibility and love.

During our day together, we will create a space of trust and you will connect with a like-hearted community where your story is valued

It takes courage and bravery to move through the challenges. Beth will guide you through a unique and transformative Yoga experience to use movement, breath and sound to release pain and suffering and to reconnect back to love.  Allow yourself to become present to express and let go so you can surrender to joy, peace and move into empowerment.   

In our sacred space, you will have an opportunity to connect to your bravery when you walk on broken glass. You will face fears and limiting beliefs through your walk of couragewhich is a reflection of your willingness to take one small step at a time. To choose to do something you thought you couldn’t do. You will be supported and held as you take steps towards emotional freedom. 

Through a blend of yoga, journaling, group discussion, guided meditation, experiential activities and dance you can reconnect to your authentic self.  Are you ready to be in your fierce and open heart? The possibilities are limitless!

Saturday October 26th at Hawthorne Farm Retreat in Medfield, MA 


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